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Swim Lessons

The YMCA Progressive Swim Lessons Program is designed to build on essential skills to reach the optimal level. 

If you are not sure what level your child your child should be placed in, please contact a YMCA staff member to have your child evaluated before signing up for a class.

Parent-child (6thmths-24mths)

This class is for children and parents.  It provides water enrichment, adjustment, and basic fundamentals of swimming.  This class uses songs and play to develop trust and confidence in the water.  (30 mins)

Pre-skippers (Ages 2-3)

This is a transition stage in which 2 and 3 year olds who have completed the parent child class begin to learn to swim without a parent in the water.  Must have approved from Parent-Child instructor.  (30 mins)

Pike (Beginner Ages 3-5)

This class is designed for 3 to 5 year olds who have no water experience or very little swimming ability.  In this class children progress at their own rate by learning basic swimming skills, including putting their face in the water, kicking, floating, and front crawl.  (30 mins) 

Eel (Intermediate Ages 3-5)

This class is designed for 3 to 5 year olds who have passed the pike requirements.  In this class children improve upon basic swimming skills already acquired, including putting and keeping their face in the water while swimming, kicking, floating, front crawl, and basic crawl. (30 mins) 

Ray/Starfish (Advanced Ages 3-5)

No Bubbles!! These are the 2 advanced levels of the YMCA Skipper Program. This is an advanced level that works on building endurance, learning the elementary backstroke, back crawl, front crawl with breathing, and treading water while learning basic water safety skills.  (30 mins)

Pollywog (Beginner Ages 6 & up)

Beginning level of the YMCA National Progressive Swimming Program for children 6 years of age and up who have no water experience or very little swimming ability.  Children will learn to float and use the basic crawl strokes.  (45 mins)

Guppy (Intermediate Ages 6 & up)

This class will refine their crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing.  Learn the back crawl and elementary backstroke, and build endurance to swim longer distances.  Survival techniques such as treading water, survival floating and other basic water safety skills will also be taught.  As they progress, the breast stroke and side stroke skills will be introduce.  (45 mins)

Minnow/Fish/Flying fish/Shark (Advanced 6 & up) 

These are high intermediate and advanced levels.  At these levels children will build endurance and work to perfect all strokes.  By the time they complete these levels, a child will be able to swim 100 yards of front crawl with breathing, breaststroke, elementary backstoke, back crawl, and sidestroke.  Additional skills will include butterfly stroke, water survival skills and other safety techniques. (45 mins)

Teen/Adult (Ages 14 & up)

This class is designed for ages 14 and up, who are just learning how to swim or may know how but need to learn or improve their strokes.  Small classes with individualized attention.  (45 mins)


Fees: $30/YMCA Members per session 4 days a week for 2 weeks

            $50/ Non Members per session 4 days a week for 2 weeks

 Please see the Member Service desk for registration information and when the next session of group swim lessons will begin.

Click HERE for a Swim Lesson Registration Form

(229) 243-0508
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